Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2018 - Race Report

The Dalls RNR Half Marathon was a race that I've done many times due to me being on Team Chocolate Milk. I get a free bib, vip access, and Dallas is a great place to visit.

It is a long drive, 4 hours, which I'm not a big fan but we got to stop and eat at alot of places along the way. We found this cool BBQ stand on the side of the road and Ana and I shared a bbq chopped beef sandwhich which was excellent.

After another 2 hours we stopped at Bakers Street Bakery and got some cookies and rested up a little more before the hour drive to the expo.

The expo was kinda weird with me not being able to find the bib. They usually have it for me at the bib pick up but I instead got a sheet telling me to go to the Toyota booth for my bib. Headed to the toyota booth and they had no idea what I was talking about. We finally circled around to the solutions desk to wear they had it. After that everything else went smoothly and we headed over to check in to our hotel room and see what all I got at the expo.

Wanting to fill our bellies after the long drive and expo we headed over to Breakers Korean BBQ to get an all you can eat experience of KBBQ. If you've never been you definitely have to go cause this was absolutely delicious! 

With our bellies full and glycogen stores also full we headed to back to the hotel to get everything ready for the race.


Mile 1-3

Everything is feeling pretty good these first 3 miles. The weather is in the 60s and the humidity was probably about 60-70 percent. Although I wanted to get a time of less than 2:20 my comfortable pace was at a 11 min mile which meant I wouldnt reach it and I was OK with that. 

Miles 4-7

We hit the bridge and I started to walk but was still maintaining a 11 minute pace. It was pretty cool to see all the runners on the bridge and the fog was kinda mysteriously beautiful. 

Miles 7-10

Things start to fall off. I'm walking alot more and my pace has dropped to a 12-13 min mile pace. I'm not quite dying but I'm struggling

Mile 11-13.1

The 2:30 pacer paces me up and I'm thinking "WHAT THE HECK JEREMY" So I keep pace with the pacer and the group. Running with the pacer just makes everything easier. I don't have to think of my pace I just have to keep up and thats what I did. During the last mile I ask the pacer to let me know when I'm a half mile from the finish line and she tells me that I'm at that point now. I pick up the pace and finish strong only slowing down to get some video of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders right at the end. 

Good race but I'm feeling a little out of shape running wise. I've been powerlifting ALOT recently and I feel alot more healthier. Hopefully my running will pick up some without losing too much strength. 

Check out my videos of the roadtrip and the race below.

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