Tuesday, April 4, 2017

GTS Runners Spotlight: Chris Heisner

Chris joined the GTS group last year and is now considered as one of the GTS regulars He's made big strides in his running getting faster and faster with each passing week. We've enjoyed having him and I figured he would be a great subject for one of our GTS Runners Spotlights.

1. What got you into running and living a more healthy lifestyle? 

The main reasons I started running was to lose weight. 2 years ago I was 50 lbs heavier than I am now and running played a big part in my weight loss. Another reason I run is because I find it relieves stress.

Chris in 2017 and Chris back 2015 - a 50 lb difference

2. How do you find motivation and time to run? 

I tend to have my best runs when I'm pissed or stressed about something. I'll use that as fuel to push myself during the run and afterwards I'll feel much better. To make time for my runs I try to run in the evenings when work or my kid's activities aren't an issue.

3. How did you find out about the GTS group and why do you continue to run with us? 

I found the group while searching online...maybe it was on the SRS website. When I first meet people I'm not really a people person but when I first joined the GTS group everyone welcomed me like I was already a part of the group and not a stranger.

4. What is something you wish you knew about running that you didn't know when you first started? 

The right equipment (i.e. good running shoes) makes a lot of difference. When I first started on my own I just used the shoes I already had. But experienced shin splints and calf cramps frequently. I then purchased a few pair of good running shoes and calf compression sleeves and haven't had issues other than normal soreness.

5. What are you training for currently and what are your running goals?

Not really training for any particular race just training to be better than the last race. I have a number of 10k races coming up in the fall such as the Toughest 10k in Kemah and the Pleasure Island 10k. My personal goal for the 10k is to run it in sub 50 minutes.

Thanks for the being a part of the GTS group Chris! If you want to join Chris at a GTS run/walk we run every Mon/Wed at 7 pm. All paces are welcome. www.facebook.com/gtstrutters

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