Friday, March 24, 2017

Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2017 - Race Report


For 2017 I decided to become a runner again. I had gotten into powerlifting and some bad eating habits. My weight ballooned up to 238 lbs at the beginning of 2017 so I decided to keep the weightlifting but focus more on running.


Went to the expo and picked up my packet and then got some Korean BBQ as a pre race meal cause Dallas has some awesome AYCE Korean BBQ that we were craving. Since I'm part of Team Chocolate Milk we received VIP bands and VIP parking so we had to wake up early to get to the start line and VIP parking before the roads close. I slept relatively well. We got to the VIP area and usually they have GU there but today there was none which I was not planning on so I had to run without GU.

Race Miles 1-3

My race goal for this race was to run it in under 2:30 so my plan was to start off slow and listen to my body to dictate the pace. The temps were in the upper 60's and were going to rise into the mid 80's so I had to race smart as my body does not do well in warmer weather.
Miles 1-3 had my running at about a 10:20 pace which felt good but I kept trying to tell myself to slow it down as I knew I might be hurting later. I was getting thirsty after mile 2 and was wondering when the water/gatorade stop would come as I was already sweating like a mad man. Finally at mile 3 they had a Water only stop which I gladly partook in.

Race Miles 4-6

Mile 4-5 there was a pretty good downhill before we hit the Margaret Hunt Bridge so I took advantage of this and dropped my pace a little more down into the upper 9's. Mile 6 was the bridge and I kept a nice steady pace up it but was feeling it a little more as the temps were rising and again I was getting thirsty and wanting some kind of nutrition.

Race Miles 7-9

Finally again at mile 7 there was some more water and and then at mile 8 they had Glukose which I had only before taken the gelly form but on the course they had a liquid form of it which I really enjoyed and found easily digestible. Good thing I took this section turned pretty hilly with a pretty good hill at mile nine which killed my pace and I decided to do a power walk up it.

Race Miles 10-13.1

I'm almost done but I'm slowing down and my legs are getting tired from all the ups and downs. Big boy doesn't do well on hills. Although there were more hills I figured I wouldn't walk up them anymore as it was slowing my pace down way too much and just powered my way up them. I can see downtown know and the finishing area. There are many people walking and I'm passing some and some are passing me. There is one final downhill to the finish line and I sprint to it to finish in 2:27:10


I had achieved my goal of a sub 2:30 half marathon which I was pretty happy with but knowing that I had run this race easily sub 2 hours 4 years ago just reminded me of how much I've declined in my running. I'll be back again hopefully next year hopefully under 200 lbs to get me that sub 2!

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