Sunday, November 6, 2016

Run With The Pack 181 5k - Race Report

Nowadays I haven't really been finding the motivation to run or workout. So when Ana and myself set off in the morning to run the 5k in Lumberton we were both going out there to just "take it easy".

When we arrived at the race and noticed that there weren't too many runners. This meant the possibility of an age group award was pretty high and changed our mentality from "take it easy" to "let's run the darn thing".

Anyways the rest of the race report will be in video form below so check that out if you want to.

We both ended up with 2nd place in our AG with Ana even setting her 5k PR! I finished in 27:20 and Ana finished right after me at 27:50. We had great time supporting the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. It was a great little race that hopefully gets bigger and bigger each year.


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