Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Goku Runner wears Glasses Shop glasses Review.

I had recieved my previous pair of glasses from about a year ago. My last pair of glasses from were just something I thought I'd try out as a different style and I ended up wearing them as my daily wears and putting my new $450 glasses in a drawer. That's probably the best part of getting glasses from is that you can try different styles and it won't break the bank. Since I wore the other pair so much they ended up getting stretched out a bit and it was time to look to getting a new pair. This time around I decided to look at the options they have for glasses clip-on sunglasses. I found the Reno Rectangle clip-on.

These glasses had a nice professional look to them and with the sunglass clip-on attached to it they looked nice and sporty with its mirrored glass finish. The ordering process was easy but make sure you have all your info from your eye doctor in order to complete your order. You will need to know your prescription for both eyes, sphere, cylindrical, and pupillary distance. I know my doctor didn't give me this info in the initial prescription but it was easy enough to get with a phone call. 

After I ordered my glasses came in about 2 weeks. To test the ordering process I also ordered a separate pair from them that were not complimentary and those came in 11 days after I ordered. 

Overall I'm very pleased with these glasses and the website. They have a great selection of glasses and sunglasses to choose from, plus they are relatively cheap and definitely worth checking out.

For all my readers you can use the special coupon code GSHOT50 to get 50% off on eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses with free lenses (sales frames excluded). They are also currently have many promos on the website that y'all should checkout. 

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