Sunday, July 5, 2015

2015 Baytown Bud Heatwave Race Report

What better way is there to celebrate July 4th than to go run 5 miles and then compete in a sausage eating contest? Well that's what I did yesterday. In order for me to be entered in the race my running group the Golden Triangle Strutters had to get in the top 4 spots for the most members participating in the race. It was a close race but we were able to secure a 4th place spot.

So to the race. I was feeling good with my running since I've actually been training and I was excited to go out there and try to get a good time. My goal was to run it in less than an hour, which is a 12 min pace or better. During the first mile I of course felt good as all first miles do but I was worried that I had gone out too fast. The heat and humidity were very present all throughout the race and I knew it wasn't going to improve. However I was lucky enough to have some of my GTS group right behind me to push me to not slow down.

At about mile four I caught up to one of my friends kids, Jonathan, who was walking at the time. I told him to "C'mon" and he ran pretty much the rest of the race with me. We ended up finishing in at 50:48. I was extremely happy with that time and I can see myself getting faster and faster with the more I train. Who would have thunk a little training could do that? :P

After the race there was of course the sausage eating contest that I had to wait just about 45 minutes for. During the 45 minute wait I had to watch people eat the sausages, bananas, watermelon, frozen popsicles.... ugh it was torture!!!

After the wait came the contest. I thought 6 sausages in 6 minutes would be no problem. These things were huge probably about 12 inches (yes I know how that sounds) and they were hard to get down. The worst part was all the chewing that was brought on especially with the casing. Towards the last 3 minutes I decided to just rip the casing apart and eat the insides. Great strategy but it was too late as the contest was over before I knew it. If I had to guess I probably placed 4th or 5th. Rip my chewing muscles.

Fun day though! Which was made better with all the support of my friends watching me devour the sausages.

I of course took video which can be found below. Enjoy

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