Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tropical Storm Bill Rain Run

Tropical Storm Bill wasn't all that crazy here in SETX but we did end up getting a nice downpour of rain on Wednesday. Because it had been raining for hours and the roads were flooding I decided it was best to cancel the GTS run. Even though it was cancelled there were still a few crazy runners who wanted to go out and run through it all. I decided I would join in on the fun so I drove through some pretty sketchy water soaked roads to do our 3 mile run. It was actually a lot of fun splashing our way down the flooded sidewalks and it brought me back to my childhood where I would run through the sprinklers or slide through a slip n slide.

Do y'all enjoy running in the rain?

Here's the video I shot with my Samsung S5. Enjoy and Happy Running!

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