Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I'm throwing away all my PR's!

Yup, I'm throwing away all my PR's! A PR is a personal record for a certain distance that one gets after finishing a race.   These are times you set when you run your first race and try to bring down after each successive race.

Here are my PR's:
  • Marathon: 4:21:50
  • 1/2 Mar: 1:50:34 
  • 30k: 3:10:22 
  • 25k: 2:35:11 
  • 10k: 46:52 
  • 5k: 22:59
  • 4mi: 33:17 
  • 2mi: 15:20 
  • 1mi: 6:49
So why am I throwing away my PR's? Well the reasoning behind it began in May when I started having some serious back issues. It hurt to drive, to sit, to stand, to MOVE, and it took me out of any kind of activity for that whole month of May, the WORST.  It was a pretty awful case of sciatica and literally a pain in my ass. I saw a gamut of doctors, got me some pain meds, did lots of yoga and 5 months later things started to slowly get better. Currently the pain is off and on and much better than before so I decided to get my training back on track. Nowadays my average pace is in the 12's or 13's, with lots of walk breaks and I'm usually one of the last ones to finish at the group runs. I was getting down on myself but today on my run I decided to start anew by not focusing so much on what I did and start focusing on what I can do now. So goodbye old PR's you were fun but it's time for us to part ways. 

I guess I better schedule my next race because once I cross that finish line I'll have a new PR to beat. 

Happy Running!

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