Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Biggest Loser WalkRun Half marathon Race Report

The Golden Triangle Strutters held a contest where the winner would receive a free race entry along with having me pace them for their race along with my GoPro camera. This was a great promotion for our group and we were so glad to see that Biggest Loser came to our town to put on this race. 

Beaumont, TX has been rated one of the fattest cities in the nation in many polls. So having a big name like the Biggest Loser come here to help us promote running and a healthy lifestyle in the area was a pretty big thing in my opinion.

The run with Elise went fine. We went at her pace which was a 2 min run and 30 second walk. It was a good run on a warm day in Beaumont. Check out the video below to relive the race with me. :)

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