Friday, February 7, 2014

What kind of Runner are you?

I've been around running long enough to come to the realization that there are many types of runners out there. I've come up with two main categories and they are the Frunner and the Racer.

What's a Frunner? Well thats a fun-runner. Meaning they go out to races to have fun, take in the sights, and cross the finish line. They will run a race on a whim not caring too much about their finishing times because having fun is the main goal. Sometimes the frunner will wear a crazy outfit or even run with a GoPro camera. ;) You will usually see them smiling in race photos, posing with a thumbs up or throwing out a peace sign.

What is a Racer? A racer is the runner that will only sign up for a race if they believe they can get their absolute best time in it. Pictures? If you are a racer, "ain't nobody got time for that".  Sorry photog no smiles or thumbs up for you. Remember in Terminator 2 when t-1000 is chasing after that Conner kid, yah that guy is totally a racer. A racer is also never really happy with their time as they know they could have done better. 

So which runner would I rather be? Well right now I am totally a frunner but I'm always looking to improve my times so I would like to get some of the Racer mentality in me as well. FRACER? LOL Ya always gotta have fun when you're out there. 

What kind of runner are you? Let me know your thoughts by writing a comment below. 


  1. haha! Love the terms! I'm totally a Frunner!!! I used to get so upset with times & PR's.. not worth beating myself up - especially the older I get. I want a shirt now that says FRUNNER!! :)

    1. Frunners rock! I need me a Frunner and Fracer shirt LOL!

  2. I think there needs to be more options. For example, the Hardware Whores who are not in it for the fun as much as they are in it for the medal. Don't forget the numbers runners. No, not those looking for a PR, but those who think some plateau will make them seem like a hardcore runner. You know, that guy who is running his third marathon in as many weekends and looks like he might fall over any second. Personally, I have had fun while racing, so where does that put me?

  3. Ya there are many kinds of runners. The ultramarathoner, the "I did this on a dare" runner, the weight loss runner etc... Some people fit into a certain category or multiple categories. You are the Jamoosh kind of runner.

  4. Totally a Frunner. I like to get my money's worth on the race course. Take in the sights. If I happen to PR, then that's just bonus.

  5. I always wonder how people can have time to take pics in a race. Also, I'm not that coordinated, so I'm sure I would slam into someone or just fall. I often tell myself that I will just sign up and have fun with it, but I'm too competitive with myself, so I have to try to PR.

  6. Once I tweeted (or maybe a lot) during a very wintery race. The evidence was in the photo package that they try to sell you after the race. I am a bit of both. I like to have fun during certain races but I also take races seriously :)

  7. With the amount of races I do I'm a frunner but that doesn't mean I don't like to frace from time to time. :-)