Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Specialized Hardrock sport 29er - Village Creek State Park

I finally got me a mountain bike to to hit the trails over here in Southeast Texas. Although there is not much elevation here, Village Creek State Park in Lumberton had some nice trails for me to take my bike out on. I went with the Specialized Hardrock sport 29er. It's an entry level bike with a front locking fork and 29 inch "roll over anything" wheels. Here's a little footage I made with my GoPro on the trails at Village Creek State Park.

I didn't have all the screws for the GoPro mounts so I had to free hand some of the shots hence all the shakiness. Hopefully I can make it out to more trails around here to get my ride on! I hear that Houston has some pretty nice trails that I can take the mountain bike out on.

Do you have a favorite trail that you ride? I would love to hear which ones they are! Write a comment below telling me so.

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