Monday, January 6, 2014

Shed it all and go out for a naked run!

There is a saying that running is the cheapest sport, all you need is shoes and sometimes not even that. Well nowadays the modern runner needs shoes, special toe socks, dri-fit shorts and shirts, sunglasses, a GPS watch, a smartphone, a gopro camera, compression gear, etc...  The list could literally go on forever.

While I am a running nerd and love running with all the latest gear sometimes I like to go naked! No, not that kind of naked! I mean without all the gear... well I do wear some of gear I do keep the shorts on and have been known to run barefoot on an occasion. As runners when we train we are constantly looking at our watch to see all the nifty metrics that it keeps track of and sometimes forget to enjoy the run.  So I challenge you on your next run to get out there and run naked. You might just enjoy the experience and remember why you do this sport called running. 

Do you enjoy naked runs? If so, leave a comment below telling me your experience with them. 


  1. I think I could handle it if I didn't track my run with my Nike app but I would definitely be bored without my tunes. Not sure I could run very far without them. I also like to keep my phone with me for safety reasons too.

    1. I used to run with my music all the time. I found that without the music or the garmin I have my "therapy" time to think and I enjoy it.

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