Monday, January 20, 2014

Keeping the Pace hits 50,000 views!

Trying to not let 50,000 views go
to my FAT HEAD!
Woah! My blog finally hit the 50,000 views milestone. I'm sure other blogs probably get that with each post but this is pretty amazing for my little blog. I started this blog to share all my crazy adventures in running. I'm just shocked that people actually read what I have to write. There are probably countless grammatical errors in my many post and there will be countless more in my future post. I hope y'all have enjoyed reading my blog. 

So how did 50k happen?

I decided about two years ago to venture into writing product reviews and because of that I've upped my views from about 15k to over 50k. Product reviews are fun to do but can be a bit of work. If you don't get approached by the companies you have to send out email after email in the hopes of catching the companies eye. Then of course you have to write the review which can really be as detailed as you want them to be or not detailed at all. With some of the simpler products I've had to review I've found it challenging to write much about them. My top product reviews have been on the Soleus GPS watch and on Pro Compression gear

Another reason for the 50k views are my race reports. Right now my Houston Marathon and Gusher race reports are the most popular. The real reason I started my blog is so that I can have a place to put my race reports. It's been great to be able to read and relive my races. I'm just surprised that others actually have read and enjoyed them as well. 

One of my most recent post went kinda viral. My "Is a DNF a thing of the past" post quickly shot up to my #1 most read post of all time in less than 2 weeks. It was a topic that most people didn't know about and illicit emotions from many. Plus sharing many of my post including the DNF post on Reddit really got people to take notice. 

Anyways 50,000 views is pretty neat for me and I hope to write many more post this year. Hopefully you've enjoyed reading what I've had to say. I want to say thank all of you mysterious readers of Keeping the Pace. 

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