Friday, January 10, 2014

Chevron Houston Marathon 2012

Finally adding my Houston Marathon videos to my blog so they can be viewed on mobile phones. Anybody out there running the Houston marathon in 2014? Love this race! The crowd support is the greatest.

These videos are from the first time I used my GoPro camera during a full marathon. I recorded pretty much the whole race. I mainly used the head strap mount and got a lot of comments on the course about the gopro. Fun stuff. Hope y'all enjoy.

For other race videos check out my youtube page


  1. No Houston Marathon for me this year. Knee died at Mile 17 last year and I decided to take time off. But, I will be out there cheering runners on somewhere!

  2. Spectators are THE best thing about this race. I'm excited to check out the new course for 2014.