Thursday, December 26, 2013


What is a FlipBelt? Well it's a racing belt but it's a little bit different than the strap and pouch ones or the ones that have little straps for your energy gels. The FlipBelt is a a circular tube made out of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend. When ordering a FlipBelt you choose the one that fits you according to your waist size.

Because of it's spandex-lycra blend its a stretchy fit that secures to your body and makes sure that things aren't bouncing around during your run. It has four entry points that allows you to put multiple things inside of it such as your smartphone, keys, energy gels, and whatever else you want to carry on a run. Being a tube you can easily adjust the things inside to balance everything out as well. You can stick your smartphone in one side and let the earphone wire come out the other end easily. 

So what's the "FLIP" part of the FlipBelt about? Well if you flip the belt over so that the entry points are now facing your body it securely keeps everything inside, not that it was a problem before. But I guess it makes for a nice sounding brand name. 

Style wise they come in a plentiful of colors and would look really cute on my girlfriend but for me I'll stick with black.

The FlipBelt retails for $28.99 and if you don't want to enter my giveaway use the coupon code "KTP" for 10% off your order at


I really like the FlipBelt as a running belt because it has a lot of room for storage, comfortably sticks to your body without bouncing around, and it's stylish. 


FlipBelt has offered to give one of my followers their very own FlipBelt! You can choose whatever size and color you would like. All you have to do is enter below using the Rafflecopter app. 

I do require that you answer the question "What would you put in your flipbelt?" by leaving a comment on either of my blogs to enter. After doing so fill out the Rafflecopter app below. In order to win you have to fill out the rafflecopter form.

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Able to fit all this easily!


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  2. COMMENT!! This thing is awesome. I've been eyeing these.

  3. Looks like I've got an idea for gifts for my kids!

  4. Luna Bars, car key, phones, ear buds. Who know what all I could put in there. what a great idea!

    1. Good luck Fawn! Don't forget if you share on facebook and retweet daily you can increase your chances of winning. After doing so click on the rafflecopter app saying ya did :)

  5. I'd have my keys and phone in my flipbelt.

  6. i would love to put my phone, keys,mp3 player,and many stuffs.

  7. love it so nice put my wallet , phone

  8. I would put my keys, gum, energy jelly beans, ChapStick, $, phone.

  9. I would love this for my cash, keys, and phone for race days and training. I love the look and the way it fits.

  10. This looks cool!! Damien wants it baaaad lol! Happy New Year Jeremy!

  11. I need because I'm so little and don't have pockets unless I wear clothing with pockets but otherwise I wasn't blessed with a natural ability to secure items on my body and this would do the trick!! Fo real I really like it!!