Wednesday, November 20, 2013

San Antonio Rock n Roll Race Report 2013 - TEAM REFUEL

The San Antonio Half marathon was on my calendar as the San Antonio Marathon but because of a previous weeks poor performance I decided to step down to the half marathon.

They changed the course from last year and made it more scenic but they also made it a lot more hillier! To say I struggled with this half marathon would be an understatement. I actually had thoughts of a possible DNF.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video just makes you feel like you ran it with me. So check out my GoPro video to see how I did.

This first video is a little trailer for those who like to keep it short and simple.

This second video is the full video of my race edited down to about 9 minutes. I barely had energy to shoot footage during this race and I think it comes out in the video. 

During my group runs I often pace my runners to show them the route but during this race I was the one who needed that pacing. Nancy found me at mile 4 and would not leave me for the rest of the race despite my pleads. If not for her my time would have been a lot slower. Thank you Nancy!

I ended up finishing my 20th half marathon in 2:24:24 which is my worst half marathon where I wasn't pacing someone but I finished and I'm proud of running those 13.1 miles. Because this was my 5th Rock n Roll race of the year I got my ROCK STAR medal! Pretty sweet!

How am I able to do so many Rock n Roll Races? Well mainly its because of my Got Chocolate Milk Team REFUEL sponsorship! Thank you Team REFUEL Chocolate milk for providing me with a bib and also the cold chocolate milk after the race. Trust me after drinking gatorade and water for 13.1 miles the last thing I wanted was more of it so the cold chocolate milk was a welcoming sight. To become a Team REFUEL sponsored athlete click on this link for more info:

Do you want to run a Rock n Roll race too? Find out if there is one coming to your area by checking out the Rock n Roll website :

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