Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Talking to non-runners

I often get asked a few questions from non runner friends and acquaintances on my running. I’ll say I ran “X” amount of miles this morning and then I’ll get asked these two most common questions:
1.  How do you run so long?
2.  Don’t you get bored?
As I try tell them about my love of running and go on about how its therapeutic and de-stressing after a long day or how it gets me going in the morning to provide the energy I need to conquer the day, there always comes a point where I get “THE LOOK”. You know the look, its one of confusion as if I’m speaking some kind of alien language. I just have to say if you don’t “get” what running is all about it’s kinda hard to explain to a non-runner what’s so great about it. Trust me, I was a non-runner before and would see people running around my neighborhood daily. I thought they must have some psychological disorder to work out but now I’m one of those crazy runners and its awesome.
To all you non-runners out there I say go out and run. Don’t go for time, don’t go for distance, just go out for the joy of running and if you don’t “get it” go out for another run because once you do “get it” it’s something very special.

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