Monday, April 29, 2013

GTS Runners's Spotlight - Daniel V

For this months runner's spotlight we focus on Daniel Villarreal. He's one of the "speedy's" in the group and just came back from running the Boston Marathon. Just one of the many great runners that you'll find running with the Golden Triangle Strutters. 

1) What got you into running?

Lack of hand/eye coordination playing with balls. Started my freshman year of high school with outdoor track, then continued to cross country and indoor track my Sophomore and went from there. College added swimming and biking (triathlons), which eventually led to my current love of endurance running, and biking. 

2) How do you find motivation and time to run?

Running is my stress relief and great social activity. I seem to always find plenty of motivation any time of the year. Especially after a hard day of work when I get to forget my worries and run with my friends.

3) What advice would you give to new runners?

Baby steps. Set small goals, work toward each one of them and add on once you've achieved them. 

4) What is your proudest athletic moment? 

Finishing my first marathon- 2004 Richmond (VA) Marathon. My first goal was just to finish. Second was to run under 3:30. Third was 3:15. I crossed the finish line around 3:09, just barely qualifying for my first Boston Marathon (3:10 at the time). I almost broke down in tears of joy. Unfortunately I didn't run my first Boston until 2012, but my personal accomplishment that day was unreal. 

5) What are you training for? 

Currently recovering from a long year of races. I have run 5 marathons in t
he past 12 months as well as biked the MS150. I am in pseudo-retirement mode, getting back to my roots of running "just because". No big races in the near future, but I do have Boston 2014 on the calendar. 

6) What is another hobby that you do outside of running?

Mountain biking. I learned in my backyard in Blacksburg, Virginia how to mountain bike on some of the best trails that the Appalachian Mountains have to offer. I've spend more time on my mountain bike than my road bike and am always looking for opportunities to see what TX has to offer. Of course if the trails are not available I can always hop on my road bike for some speed work.

Photo: Free front-end loader beer at mile 70 with Je Me Souviens.


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  2. Wow..very inspiring. I wish I could qualify for boston, I am quite far from it.