Monday, September 17, 2012

Team Refuel Got Chocolate Milk

So by now you've probably seen me at races or in pictures online sporting a Team Refuel Got Chocolate milk racing singlet. You're probably wondering what its all about and saying to yourself "man this guy loves chocolate milk!". Well it all started a few months back when I talked my friend into running a half marathon, telling her I would train her and be there to pace her through the 13.1 miles. She ended up choosing to run the Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon which would be my first Rock 'n' Roll run. While there I wanted her to experience everything that the half marathon had to offer starting with the expo. We saw the Got Chocolate Milk booth and inquired what was going on.  They told us it was a booth set up to make your own video application to become a part of Team Refuel by Got Chocolate Milk. First of all I LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK and have been using it as my after for some years now, so this was perfect for me.  We made the video and the next day went off to run Ivy's first half marathon. (You can read about it here: ) About a month later I received an email telling me that I was a finalist and that I need my friends and family to vote on my video in order to become a Team Refuel member.  I went on a pretty crazy campaign to get your votes and in the end I was voted as one of the first 5 members of Team Refuel 2012.

So why low fat chocolate milk? Well I really do love the stuff and have been drinking it ever since I can remember.  Now that I've become quite the avid runner with 7 full marathons and 11 half marathons under my belt.  I've come to realize the importance of a quality recovery drink for my after.  Low fat chocolate milk provides you with the carbs, protein, electrolytes, calories, and hydration that your body is craving and needs in order to replenish itself from the tough workouts you put it through. I've tried many other recovery drinks and to be honest they just don't taste as good and they can get pretty pricey!

I'm excited to be a part of Team Refuel Got Chocolate Milk and looking forward to representing them in my many races starting with the LA RnR Half Marathon on Oct. 28 2012. Thank you again to all that voted for me to become a part of Team Refuel.

Join me on the team! Make a video and follow this link to apply:

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