Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How I started my own running group

About a year and half back I noticed the need for a running group here in the Golden Triangle. With the success of the Gusher Marathon the running community here really started to grow but there weren't any steady training runs in the area. My friends watched my brother and I complete the Austin Marathon which got them interested in maybe doing one themselves. I told them that we could all meet up weekly and I would help them reach that goal. I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to start a running group.  If I could help the community get healthier and spread my love of running to others and my friends it would be a win-win opportunity for everyone. So with that the Golden Triangle Strutters was born.

Golden Triangle Strutters! Whats with that name? Well if you know me and have ever seen any of my racing pics you know that this name fits. There was actually a picture of me with my head tilted to the side with my arm swing in a certain way that reminded my friends of the "Leo Strut" so thats how we got the name. I like it, its different and I'm all about having fun while running because in the end thats what running should be.

I made a facebook page, set days and times that we would meet, and we were off to run our first group run. It was nice for the first 2 or 3 weeks but soon my friends stopped joining in on the runs. There were many days where Willie and I would get there and wait for other runners to show up but no one would come and we would end up running by ourselves. Slowly but surely a runner would show up and I would introduce myself and we would run together. What pace would we run at? I would run at whatever pace the new runner wanted to run at and trust me I've been told to go run ahead plenty of times but I always tell them I'm there to help pace them and would stay with them until the end. Eventually more and more people showed up and some of those people became regulars. I now have a good group of regulars and no longer have to wonder if I'll be waiting an extra 5 or 10 minute for runners to show up.

Its been a pretty rewarding experience to see that what once was a little idea in my head turn into what now I think is a pretty successful running group. In a city that was not too long ago ranked as one of the "fattest cities" in the nation I'd like to think I am making progress into making our city one of the "fittest"

If you're a local and reading this or ever in the area come join us for a run. Check out the groups FB page for the schedule: www.facebook.com/gtstrutters


  1. Sounds awesome! Ran into the group randomly today. Hope to meet everyone Wed!