Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tropical Storm Bill Rain Run

Tropical Storm Bill wasn't all that crazy here in SETX but we did end up getting a nice downpour of rain on Wednesday. Because it had been raining for hours and the roads were flooding I decided it was best to cancel the GTS run. Even though it was cancelled there were still a few crazy runners who wanted to go out and run through it all. I decided I would join in on the fun so I drove through some pretty sketchy water soaked roads to do our 3 mile run. It was actually a lot of fun splashing our way down the flooded sidewalks and it brought me back to my childhood where I would run through the sprinklers or slide through a slip n slide.

Do y'all enjoy running in the rain?

Here's the video I shot with my Samsung S5. Enjoy and Happy Running!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

TROT Free Night Time Trail Race - Ho Chi Minh Trails

This past week I finally felt like a runner again and with my new found confidence in my running I decided to head over to the Ho Chi Minh trails in Memorial park. This was a free race that Rob and Rachel put on for all the runners of the community. There ended being over 300 people at the race which made the trails pretty crowded for the first loop but it also brought a good energy I ended up running 3 loops and 2 of the loops with a friend from Houston which was just the push I needed this weekend.

Check out the footage I took during the race.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Gusher Marathon 2015 DNF

Just noticed I never shared my Gusher Marathon race report. As you can tell by the title I did end up getting a DNF for the race. I had run a marathon the week before and my training hadn't been that great so with all those factors against me I knew this would be a tough one. Felt good the first few miles but then my feet started to hurt and my heart just wasn't in to running the full 26.2 miles. After the first 13.1 I decided to not go any further and end my race short.

Here's the footage from the race.

Daisies and Dragons Duathlon For Kids

On Saturday I volunteered at a local kids duathlon and of course I brought out my camera to document the whole thing. It was great to see all the kids out there doing their best to get to the finish line.

Check out the footage below from the event.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Being around a lot of runner's I've noticed that they are some of the nicest, friendliest, and accepting people that I'll ever meet. Since I've started a running group I've gotten to know a lot of my runner's on a more personal level and thats when I hear it... LIES!!!! All the running lies they tell me like;

"I'll never be a runner"

"I'll never run a 5k"

"I'll never run another marathon"

"I'll never run an ultramarathon"

Liar, Liar, pants of fire I say to all you runners! You most definitely can and I've seen it first hand. One of my runners told me their history of having multiple knee surgeries and that they will never again run a half. Fast forward a year or two and there they are running a half right along side me in the Houston Half Marathon! I've also been caught in the little runner lie when asked if I'd ever run an ultramarathon.  I vehemently said that I had no interest whatsoever in doing one, yet there I was, last December running my first ultramarathon in the Brazos Bend 50 miler. 

Running truly is 90% mental and once you wrap your mind around a distance that you never thought was possible all those "never's" or "cannot's" become "I can" or "I will".  So don't limit yourself by saying you will never do something in life because if you want it enough you can do anything. 

Have you or somebody you know been known to tell a running lie? Tell me about it in a comment below. 

Happy Running!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Biggest Loser Half Marathon Round Rock: Race Report

So I headed up to Austin last weekend to run the Biggest Loser Half Marathon Round Rock race. My brother, Willie, wanted to run this race for his birthday and despite being undertrained I told him I'd do it. Why undertrained? Well mainly because I've been concentrating on lifting weights so my running has been put on the backburner but I'll leave that story for another post.

There seems to be a theme with these Biggest Loser races with having a ton of cones and a confusing course. I'm pretty sure we stayed off of all the roads in Round Rock, TX as they had us on sidewalks and running circles in parking lots. Because of all the turns and cones the majority of the runners only ran 11.5 mile instead of the full 13.1. Despite that it was a pretty scenic race with it going through parks and baseball fields.

For this race Willie paced me and helped shoot some footage. 

As you can see in the video it was a tough one for me but even so, I tried to make the best of it by enjoying being out there on a nice day. My feet once again were pretty tender after the run and I'm looking into buying something with more cushioning.

Did you run the race? Let me know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below.

Happy Running!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chevron Houston Marathon 2015 Race Report

The Houston marathon is my favorite marathon out of the 14 that I've done and I look forward it every year. This was my 4th Houston full marathon and this time I ran it with my girlfriend Theresa. She had been having some lingering knee issues and still wanted to do the race so I told her I would pace her. We implemented a 2:1 run/walk method that worked out for us and even though we were at the back of the pack Houston was still out there to cheer us on. We finished it in 6:07:00 and I was so proud of my girl for gutting it out to do the 26.2 miles.

Check out the footage I caught with my GoPro camera during the race. Enjoy! If ya like the video subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos just like it.