Thursday, April 13, 2017

Brazos Bend 50 - 2017 - pacing


I've run a couple of marathons in the beginning of the year and run 4 - 5 times a week with my GTS group and also on my own. I'm not fast but I can go far.


Woke up at 2 am to get to the race site by 5 am so I could meet my runner. April was attempting her 2nd 50 miler and wanted to PR her race doing a sub 12. If you do the 50 miler than you can have a pacer for the last loop (16.67 mi)


I rode up and down the course finding April to get footage and found her at different points. I probably rode 15 miles trying to get everything. It was amazing to see all the runners push themselves on the course that day. After Aprils 2nd loop I rested up so that I could get ready to pace her.
By the time I got to pacing April she was slowing down but was still going at a good walking pace of about a upper 13 to 14 min pace. We chugged along but during a rest stop she took some electrolyte pills and after that she got nauseous. I was a bit scared for her but she kept on going but was bending over in pain every so often. I made her slow down and was lucky enough to find a runner who had cold water from the aid station up ahead. We poured that water over her and she felt much better. We both knew that her 12 hour 50 was in jeopardy and I made sure she knew it. This along with reaching the aid station got her to once again walk at a steadfast pace. At the last aid station I told her that we would have to make it short if we were going to break 12. She decided to go ahead and skip it and run. Boy did we run! The last half mile we sprinted to the finish line and she made it! 11:58:16!
I'm so proud of her and was glad that I was able to help her get to her goal.


We ate an awesome double cheeseburger and headed home

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

GTS Runners Spotlight: Chris Heisner

Chris joined the GTS group last year and is now considered as one of the GTS regulars He's made big strides in his running getting faster and faster with each passing week. We've enjoyed having him and I figured he would be a great subject for one of our GTS Runners Spotlights.

1. What got you into running and living a more healthy lifestyle? 

The main reasons I started running was to lose weight. 2 years ago I was 50 lbs heavier than I am now and running played a big part in my weight loss. Another reason I run is because I find it relieves stress.

Chris in 2017 and Chris back 2015 - a 50 lb difference

2. How do you find motivation and time to run? 

I tend to have my best runs when I'm pissed or stressed about something. I'll use that as fuel to push myself during the run and afterwards I'll feel much better. To make time for my runs I try to run in the evenings when work or my kid's activities aren't an issue.

3. How did you find out about the GTS group and why do you continue to run with us? 

I found the group while searching online...maybe it was on the SRS website. When I first meet people I'm not really a people person but when I first joined the GTS group everyone welcomed me like I was already a part of the group and not a stranger.

4. What is something you wish you knew about running that you didn't know when you first started? 

The right equipment (i.e. good running shoes) makes a lot of difference. When I first started on my own I just used the shoes I already had. But experienced shin splints and calf cramps frequently. I then purchased a few pair of good running shoes and calf compression sleeves and haven't had issues other than normal soreness.

5. What are you training for currently and what are your running goals?

Not really training for any particular race just training to be better than the last race. I have a number of 10k races coming up in the fall such as the Toughest 10k in Kemah and the Pleasure Island 10k. My personal goal for the 10k is to run it in sub 50 minutes.

Thanks for the being a part of the GTS group Chris! If you want to join Chris at a GTS run/walk we run every Mon/Wed at 7 pm. All paces are welcome.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2017 - Race Report


For 2017 I decided to become a runner again. I had gotten into powerlifting and some bad eating habits. My weight ballooned up to 238 lbs at the beginning of 2017 so I decided to keep the weightlifting but focus more on running.


Went to the expo and picked up my packet and then got some Korean BBQ as a pre race meal cause Dallas has some awesome AYCE Korean BBQ that we were craving. Since I'm part of Team Chocolate Milk we received VIP bands and VIP parking so we had to wake up early to get to the start line and VIP parking before the roads close. I slept relatively well. We got to the VIP area and usually they have GU there but today there was none which I was not planning on so I had to run without GU.

Race Miles 1-3

My race goal for this race was to run it in under 2:30 so my plan was to start off slow and listen to my body to dictate the pace. The temps were in the upper 60's and were going to rise into the mid 80's so I had to race smart as my body does not do well in warmer weather.
Miles 1-3 had my running at about a 10:20 pace which felt good but I kept trying to tell myself to slow it down as I knew I might be hurting later. I was getting thirsty after mile 2 and was wondering when the water/gatorade stop would come as I was already sweating like a mad man. Finally at mile 3 they had a Water only stop which I gladly partook in.

Race Miles 4-6

Mile 4-5 there was a pretty good downhill before we hit the Margaret Hunt Bridge so I took advantage of this and dropped my pace a little more down into the upper 9's. Mile 6 was the bridge and I kept a nice steady pace up it but was feeling it a little more as the temps were rising and again I was getting thirsty and wanting some kind of nutrition.

Race Miles 7-9

Finally again at mile 7 there was some more water and and then at mile 8 they had Glukose which I had only before taken the gelly form but on the course they had a liquid form of it which I really enjoyed and found easily digestible. Good thing I took this section turned pretty hilly with a pretty good hill at mile nine which killed my pace and I decided to do a power walk up it.

Race Miles 10-13.1

I'm almost done but I'm slowing down and my legs are getting tired from all the ups and downs. Big boy doesn't do well on hills. Although there were more hills I figured I wouldn't walk up them anymore as it was slowing my pace down way too much and just powered my way up them. I can see downtown know and the finishing area. There are many people walking and I'm passing some and some are passing me. There is one final downhill to the finish line and I sprint to it to finish in 2:27:10


I had achieved my goal of a sub 2:30 half marathon which I was pretty happy with but knowing that I had run this race easily sub 2 hours 4 years ago just reminded me of how much I've declined in my running. I'll be back again hopefully next year hopefully under 200 lbs to get me that sub 2!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Austin Marathon 2017 - Video Race Report

Oh man the Austin Marathon was a tough one. I had only ran 11 miles as my max mileage before hand and knew I would suffer but man did I suffer. As per usual I try to take some video during the race which makes my race tough but dealing with this new gimbal was a nightmare.

Anyways check out the footage below to see how I did.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Houston Marathon 2017 - Spectating

Spectating at the Houston Marathon was a great experience. I've run the Houston Marathon a few times before and it was time for me to give back as a spectator. Screaming and yelling their names and getting a runner to move one step closer to the finish line was pretty awesome. 

Check out my video below to see how my day went. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Spartan Race 2017 - PASSES

Have you ever wanted to see how far you can take your body both mentally and physically? If you answered yes then the Spartan races will take you there with an awesome story to tell all your family and friends. I've done a couple of Spartan races and had a great time doing it. You can check out my video from the Austin Beast down below.

Right now the Spartan Race is doing a great promotion for their 2017 races. There are an Elite pass, an Open pass & a Trifecta pass options.

The Spartan Trifecta pass includes:
  • 3 race codes, valid for calendar year (2017) 
  • 1 Spectator Pass (to be used with Race Code) 
  • Free Bag Check Valid for all heats (including Elite & Comp.) 
  • Valid for Continental US 
  • Race codes aimed at Sprint/Super/Beast, but can be used for ANY 3 events
The Open Season pass:
  • Unlimited Racing during the Calendar Year (2017) 
  • Free Spectator Pass Free Bag Check 
  • Guaranteed Entry to all events (not guaranteed heat) 
  • Multi-Lap Discount 
  • Valid on all Continental US & Hawaii Events 
  • Valid for OPEN Heats ONLY 
  • Upcharge for Elite (+$30) and Competitive (+$15)
The Elite Season Pass
  • Unlimited Racing during the Calendar Year (2017) 
  • Free Spectator Pass 
  • Free Bag Check 
  • Guaranteed Entry to all events (not guaranteed heat) 
  • Multi-Lap Discount 
  • Valid on all Continental US & Hawaii Events 
  • Valid for ALL heats (Elite, Comp. & Open)
Make sure to sign up soon as these will sell out! 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Run With The Pack 181 5k - Race Report

Nowadays I haven't really been finding the motivation to run or workout. So when Ana and myself set off in the morning to run the 5k in Lumberton we were both going out there to just "take it easy".

When we arrived at the race and noticed that there weren't too many runners. This meant the possibility of an age group award was pretty high and changed our mentality from "take it easy" to "let's run the darn thing".

Anyways the rest of the race report will be in video form below so check that out if you want to.

We both ended up with 2nd place in our AG with Ana even setting her 5k PR! I finished in 27:20 and Ana finished right after me at 27:50. We had great time supporting the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. It was a great little race that hopefully gets bigger and bigger each year.